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A quick Hi to everybody out there! 

How have you guys been?

We believe that most of us have been taking the necessary steps and be in isolation since the beginning of the pandemic. These actions along with the vaccination drive have boosted the chances of normality to return soon. However, let us not drop our guard anytime soon; the real challenges await us when the lockdown eases and we begin socializing and get back to our normal lives.

Regardless of the speculated impact of the third wave, it is imperative that we improve the quality of our lives in a way that we are in a better place to deal with not just COVID-19 but any illness or virus that comes our way in future. And for that, we have to build our immunity. Mind it !! This does not happen overnight! So now the question arises. How do we make it happen and exactly how does enhancing the immunity help?

A stronger immunity will fight better and protect us from all kinds of viruses. All we have to do is make a few lifestyle changes that work remarkably at maintaining a happy and healthy state of life. Let us classify these lifestyle changes-


“We are what we eat” 

Food cures and fuels our bodies. It prevents us from catching diseases. But the diet we follow should always be sustainable, one which we could follow for the rest of our life. Let’s be real and follow these guidelines: 

  • Regularise your meal timing
    Having meals at the same time every day helps in better absorption, assimilation and digestion of food as our body has enough time to break down the food molecules. 
  • Include all Food Groups
    Balance in meals is vital. Include whole grains, fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, seeds & nuts, lentils & legumes and lean proteins. What we should rather cut down is refined sugars, junk, fried and processed foods.
  • Portion Control
    Moderation is the key here. The quantity we eat is what matters the most. We shouldn’t feel lethargic after our meals. Apply the standard plate method:
  • Take a 9” plate
  • Fill 1/2 of it with vegetables and salads
  • ¼ of it with proteins
  • ¼ with carbohydrates
  • Mindful Eating
    Eat slowly and try to enjoy and connect with the food as digestion starts in the mouth, in the presence of saliva. No TV, phones or gadgets; only then would we be able to identify the signals sent to our mind of our stomach being full.
  • Hydrate
    Drink 3-4 litres of water every single day. It often happens that we confuse hunger with thirst.
  • DO NOT Skip A Meal
    Remember if we skip any meal we would end up eating more in the next meal.


“Got an ass? Then Move it”

Oxygen is our life force, guys! To oxygenate our cells we have to keep our blood circulating. The better the blood circulation the more oxygen reaches all the cells of our body helping the internal organs work in the best possible way. This in turn strengthens our immune system. And always remember we have to work on it every single day while following these guidelines:

  • Me Time
    Exercise is our time with ourselves so no mobile, no emails, and no distractions. Let’s  Stay focused for that hour of our workout so that we reap the most benefits out of it.  
  • Mix It Up
    We don’t need to be consistent with one form of exercise. But let’s be consistent with our exercising routine. There are various forms of exercises available:
  • Cardio exercises include swimming, jogging, skipping, running, dancing, walking, cycling, or a sport like Tennis etc.
  • Strength training
  • Yoga

We can jog a day, strength train another day and do yoga another day! That way we will acquire all the benefits.

  • Enjoy Yourself
    Exercise is not a choice so don’t dread that hour of exercise. Let’s Plan it in a way that we  ENJOY it and look forward with anticipation to our morning routine. 
  • Buddy Up
    Let’s find or choose someone who would like to work out with us… This way we will get the motivation and push on the days we don’t feel like working out.
  • Hit That Playlist
    Let’s Listen to music to pep ourselves up. Music adds energy to our workout sessions. It helps us to enjoy our exercise routine.

So get moving! And remember regularity and variation is Important.

If you are not a gym person that’s not a problem, Health n Vibe has several well-balanced diet and exercise programs which include various forms of exercise. Whether it is stretching (yoga), HIIT (cardio) or dumbbells (strength training) we have it all.

If you are a beginner looking for guidance, Book a  consultation with our experts.

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“Snooze to lose”

Sleep is one of the most undervalued when it comes to lifestyle, weight gain or recovery. How do we feel when we get up in the morning? We should feel energetic, fresh and rested. It does not matter how many hours we slept, it could vary from 6-8 hours but it’s always quality over quantity.

All the healing, repairing, rejuvenating and growth of cells happen while we are in the state of deep sleep. The fat-burning process also happens when we are asleep.

So follow these guidelines to get a good night sleep:

  • Hello Fresh Air
    The room should be well ventilated. Pillows, mattresses, sheets and our night clothes should be clean and comfortable as well.
  • Say Goodnight To Gadgets
    Any kind of electronic gadget before sleep is a big NO! The blue light-emitting out of TVs, Tablets, Mobile phones, Laptops obstructs our sleep. It messes up with our body’s ability to sleep as it blocks the sleep hormone called Melatonin.
  • Stay Away From Stimulants & Liquids
    Close to bedtime avoid consuming:
  • Aerated drinks
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Desserts
  • Alcohol

We will eventually sleep after consuming them but we will not get a deep sleep. Also, avoid liquids close to bedtime so we are not making rounds to the washroom at night thus hindering our sleep.    

  • Bathe, Breathe and Reflect
    We should try taking a warm water bath, practice deep breaths, indulge in some form of meditation, and soothe ourselves with a cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime to induce deep sleep.
  • Fix Your Time
    Waking up and sleeping at fixed times also helps. This sets our body clock and we will start feeling sleepy at the same time every day eventually.
    Following a sleep regime is as important for our body as maintaining the right nutritional levels. So don’t delay in getting a relaxing sleep. Contact our experts and let us help you sleep right!

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“Happiness is your decision” 

 Let’s take charge of how we feel. A positive attitude helps to boost your immunity just like good weather helps a plant grow. But remember, happiness cannot be found outside; it has to be created within us

  • Let Go
    The best way to be positive and happy is to accept and let go. This is a form of giving up control of things, situations and people who we have no power to change.
  • Don’t Compromise On ME Time
    Let’s take out some ME time for ourselves every single day. We should spend time in nature, pursue a hobby, read a book or listen to the music of our liking. All these activities help release happy hormones which help our body to regulate mood. 
  • Be Kind
    Help the needy. In any way, we can and not necessarily in monetary terms. Trust me this gives immense contentment to our heart and soul.

If we are happy and positive we will not overeat, we will enjoy your daily exercises and we will get a restful and sound sleep.

Applying the principles laid out above is a winning combination but remember one does not work without the other. So start small and try to touch each area and see your life transform like a butterfly. 

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-Pooja, Nutrition Expert at Health n Vibe