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I was going through a divorce and wanted to see a therapist because I realised that I had a lot of pent-up emotions. And when I told my mom, I was visiting a counsellor, her reaction was- “You aren’t mad. You don’t need a shrink”. I explained to her that just like we take care of our bodies by feeding it with nourishing food and exercising, our brain needs care too. Our brain is defined as the most complex of all the organs in our body. Logic dictates that the issues related to it would also be complex. So why is it that seeking help for mental issues is still such a taboo?

For instance, our expensive mobile phone develops a problem, we don’t take a screwdriver and try to open it ourself. Because we know it is a complex device, something we have no expertise in. The same goes for our brain. It is unique and quite valuable. Unlike a mobile phone, we cannot replace your brain. So, it is important to take care of it with a wee bit of seriousness and not brush mental issues under the rug of ‘life’s stresses’.


Asking for help is human

We humans don’t like seeking help because it hurts our ego and we don’t want to seem weak. Since we associate our self-worth with how smart we are, accepting that something is wrong with us would damage our self-worth.

There are various other reasons why we might not want to seek help for our mental issues:

  • Social Stigma – fear of being branded ‘abnormal’ by society.
  • Pride – ego telling you that you are too good for this.
  • Support System – we don’t know who to talk to about our emotions and feelings. 
  • which we won’t be able to handle or face.
  • Acknowledgement – accepting that we are flawed is a hard pill to swallow for most of us.

Is the doctor in?

When we have a physical ailment like a swollen arm or blurred vision we don’t think twice before going to the doctor. Do we?
Then why not visit an expert for our mental health?

They will Judge me!

The first time I realized something was wrong with my mental health was when I did not step out of my house for once in 30 days. I was living alone in London and isolation had become a natural friend. I didn’t realize when that friendship turned toxic and had silently polluted multiple aspects of my life.

Lots of things would run through my mind as I would think of going out. ‘My hair looks bad.’ ‘My clothes are outdated.’ ‘I am brown. I look different (not like a usual English person), people will stare at me.’

I realized that something inside my brain was not letting me lead a normal and healthy life. So, I decided to seek professional help. I was eventually diagnosed with Social Anxiety with borderline OCD.

It was not that the first person I talked to gave me solutions to all my problems. It was a journey with its own ups and downs. But what is important to note is that a person who is equipped with the right methodology to deal with our problems will always help us better and faster than seeking no help at all.

 You are not mad!

We only need to make sure we get out there and use the correct platform to get help. Choosing a person who is empathetic, caring and a good listener is very important. This person can be someone in our close proximity or a mental health professional.

We all are afraid of being judged or branded an outlier. However, when we feel that there is an issue which is not letting us lead a normal and balanced life, seeking help for it is the best thing to do.

We can start our journey towards a better mental health with Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork. They have been clinically proven to improve our overall mental health. Health n Vibe provides online yoga classes, meditation techniques for beginners online pranayama classes and even has a Life Coach to help you cope up. We offer tailor-made plans according to your needs. Book your free consultation with Health n Vibe.

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-Disha (The Divorced one) & Anchal(The London Girl)
-Head Wellness Coach & Habit Development Coach at Health n Vibe