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Planning to take your love for running to the next level? Want to participate in marathons? Then keep these tips while improving your running endurance. 

Building up your stamina for a long run is as crucial as preparing for an exam. You simply cannot miss it and expect great results. Many new runners often overlook the importance of building endurance for running. Marathons or any other long run require serious training and preparation.

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It was the year 2015 and my fondness for long brisk walks inspired me to sign up for a half marathon. Boy, did I not know anything about marathons then! 

I had no idea the amount of dedication and training a marathon runner is required to do. I was just another kid getting excited seeing the new toy on the store window. I had no idea how to buy that toy or that you needed money to buy it. Such a novice, I tell you! 😛

I was sharing my passion for running with a friend who was an ace marathon runner. I wanted to run a half marathon and he told me that running a race is not a day’s work and requires endurance building and correct training, and introduced me to a coach.

Believe me, at that moment I felt relieved that I didn’t participate in the race since my body was not nearly as fit as was required for even short runs at that time. Phew!?

And so I started my training with baby steps, working on my leg speed, strides and long-distance runs, complimenting it with mobility and strength training.

And here I am in the process of becoming a Certified Running Coach now. Now coming to the absolutely essential tips at hand. Do make sure you have the following in check:


Correct Running Form

It is needless to emphasize the importance of maintaining the correct form while running.

  • Eyes should be focused on the ground about 10 to 20 feet ahead instead of the feet.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and square (facing forward), almost like you’re squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades. 
  • Our center of gravity while running lies in our core so always keep a tight core while running.
  • Torso must stay slightly forward of our hips.
  • Knee should be in line with the middle of our foot so that when our foot strikes the ground, it’s right under the knee.


Strength Training For Running 

The next most important component of improving running endurance is Strength Training. It helps 

  • Prevent injuries 
  • Boosts neuromuscular coordination and power
  • Strengthens legs, upper body and core.

I would recommend getting a personal trainer to help you create and monitor an apt strength training plan. Health n Vibe has experienced trainers who will make running training a cakewalk for you!

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Bonus Tip: adding weights to your usual exercise routine could boost your speed and maximal oxygen uptake or VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen you can use when engaged in intense exercise). 

Add Strides In Your Workouts

What are strides? Strides are also known as striders, stride-outs, or accelerations. They’re about 100m accelerations where you start at a jog, build to about 95% of your max speed, and then gradually slow to a stop. 

One stride should take you about 20-30 seconds depending on your ability. You can start with four strides and after 3-4 weeks increase that to six. Take about 60-90 seconds of walking or standing in between each stride to catch your breath. 

Running strides is not an aerobic workout so don’t rush them – you get zero additional benefits by shortening the recovery period! In fact, it’s best to think of strides as a speed development workout. The goal is not aerobic development, endurance, or getting in “a good workout.” Rather, it’s turnover and building comfort at high speeds.

So, these were my few easy tips to improve your running endurance. I am sure they will help you immensely to train for your next run!


If you feel like the kid looking at the store window and do not know where to start with your running training or you are far ahead in your running journey but need more guidance, book a consultation with our experts and we shall create a marathon training plan tailored to your specific needs!

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Until then Keep Vibing!

-Disha, Head Wellness Coach at Health n Vibe