Author: Disha

I was going through a divorce and wanted to see a therapist because I realised that I had a lot of pent-up emotions. And when I told my mom, I was visiting a counsellor, her reaction was- “You aren’t mad. You don’t need a shrink”. I explained to her that just like we take care of our bodies by feeding it with nourishing food and exercising, our brain needs care too. Our brain is defined as the most complex of all the organs in our body. Logic dictates that the

Planning to take your love for running to the next level? Want to participate in marathons? Then keep these tips while improving your running endurance.  Building up your stamina for a long run is as crucial as preparing for an exam. You simply cannot miss it and expect great results. Many new runners often overlook the importance of building endurance for running. Marathons or any other long run require serious training and preparation. It was the year 2015 and my fondness for long brisk walks inspired me to sign up for a

Ever since the lockdown started, every time I felt lonely or sad I’d either pick up my phone to order something to eat from outside or grab chocolates, chips, desserts, pasta, instant noodles, or shakes to eat instead of an apple or a healthy snack.  I spoke to a few friends and noticed that it had become a pattern with others too. I feel everyone living on this planet goes through this process at some point in their lives. That is, when we start using food to comfort ourselves rather than