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Make Your Workplace

Your Happy Space

Access a customized corporate wellness program to optimize your professional success.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Our aim is to make workplaces a happier and more reliable space for both employees and the business owners.

Full-time workers from across the world are unhappy with their jobs (as per Gallup.)


Increase in focus was witnessed by employees who felt respected at their workplace (as per Harvard Business Review)


There is a direct link between
Poor Employee Lifestyle and Poor Output at Work.

Poor Employee Lifestyle

  • Long/Irregular Working Hours
  • Deadlines and Target Pressures
  • Long and Rigorous Commute
  • Irregular Eating Habits
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress

Poor Output at Work

  • Absenteeism
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Inefficient Workforce
  • Increased Sick Leaves
  • Employee Burnouts
  • Low Retention Rates

The Health n Vibe Corporate Wellness Program is an all-in-one simple solution that elevates your work output to the next level.

Only A Cup That Is Full, Can Pour Out.

Only if your team is healthy can they perform well at work. Give them the chance to de-stress, engage in self-care, and improve their health so that they can optimize their time at work.

Meet Professional Targets

Witness a sharp increase in employee performance by subscribing to a wellness program that focuses on enhancing health so that they can meet their daily targets and deliver smarter results.

Retain Valuable Employees

Give your team a reason to stay committed to you and your vision, by supporting them in their personal journey towards good health and longevity.

Increase Productivity Levels

A destressed mind results in higher levels of productivity. Our corporate wellness plans are designed to help your workforce use their downtime towards self care instead of procrastination.

Reduce Sick Leaves

Help your team boost their immunity and steer away from sickness through regular diet regulation, exercise, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

Attract Top Talent

A professional is always on the lookout for a company that provides support outside of work. Show them you care with our customized wellness program that uplifts their holistic health.

Businesses saved between $2,000 and $3,500 per employee from reductions in presenteeism – 87% – and absenteeism – 13%. (study by EAPA)

Uplift Their Health, and They’ll Uplift Your Wealth.

Balancing personal and professional life is never easy. Support your workforce in their journey towards living a fulfilling life of good health, and professional rewards.
With a Health n Vibe Corporate Wellness Program you can access -

Yoga Sessions

Feeling stiff after spending hours at the computer? Stretch out on the mat and choose between hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, couple’s yoga, yin yoga, and facial yoga sessions.

Yoga Therapy

The urban working population suffers from chronic ailments such as diabetes, asthma, PCOD, and back pain. Alleviate your pain through the healing powers of yoga teaching and practices.

Running Training

Connect with a professional running coach to build full body fitness, improve lung-health, increase stamina, and organise and participate in internal corporate races.

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

We often feel like age is catching up to us faster than we imagined. Take your fitness journey to the next level with high intensity workouts that help you lower your biological age.

Mobility and Physiotherapy

Access sessions with a professional physiotherapist to engage in rehab and mobility exercises that expedite the process of injury recovery and reduce the chances of muscle wear and tear.

Nutrition and Diet Planning

Never have the time to prepare healthy meals during work days? Keeping your lifestyle and preferences in mind, our nutritionists will customize a balanced and diet plan for you.


Ever feel overwhelmed because your mind never switches off and is constantly stressed? Slip into five minute meditation sessions to slow down and re-align yourself with goals.

Breathing Techniques

In our daily hustle of life, we often forget to breathe consciously. Harness the powers of a deep breath through simple breathing exercises taught by our meditation coaches.

Lifestyle Modification

Do you wish to improve your standard of living? Our life and habit development coaches are armed with simple hacks to help you replace bad habits with good ones and lead more fulfilled lives.

Interactive Q & A Sessions

Understanding what your body and mind require can be challenging. Participate in exclusive webinars and workshops to clear your doubts, bust myths, and leap into a healthier future.

“87% of employees consider health and wellness offerings while choosing an employer.”

The Virgin HealthMiles/Workforce survey

Every Health n Vibe Corporate Collaborator has unlimited access to a customized wellness program for all their employees.

Team Leaderboard

Keep your teammates on their toes with a monthly battlefield and healthy air of competition.

Live Webinars

Tune into webinars, live sessions, and one-on-one conversations with wellness experts to improve your holistic health.

Progress Trackers

Keep count of your daily steps, workout regime, and eating habits to track your improvement.

Productivity Hacks

Learn of simple tips and tricks to better manage your time and balance your work life.

A Decluttered Mind is Home to New Ideas

At Health n Vibe we strive to help you unlock your best health so that you can achieve all your goals: personal and professional. We are a holistic healthcare space where we aim to empower you to harness the limitless potential of a healthy body and mind. Our process is simple and combines the best of ancient knowledge and modern practices that don’t involve unrealistic workout regimes or diet plans that induce starvation.

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Disha Gulati: The Force behind Health n Vibe

Disha’s journey into wellness began when she was least connected to her personal health. While working a full-time job at a travel agency and later as a Key Account Manager at Allergan India Pvt. Ltd, she witnessed a deep sense of yearning for change. Her stress levels spiked, sleep suffered, and she began binging on unhealthy food at odd hours. Determined to take strong steps to change her lifestyle, she decided to use her course in Hatha Yoga from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya and diploma in Nutrition and Health Sciences towards teaching yoga and curating nutrition plans at Padchin Fitness Studio, Indore.

Today, she has her own holistic wellness studio, is a NAASFP marathon running coach,  recreational hiker, and an avid yoga instructor. She has also completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Course from The Ashtanga Yoga Institute, Mysuru, and a 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training from Shriram Yoga Prashikshan Evam Anusandhan Society, and is enrolled in a course for Sports Nutrition from Precision Nutrition.

Workplaces We’ve Made a Difference To

The employees at the HDFC Bank were stressed, anxious, lacked focus, fought against reduced attention span and wanted to improve their productivity rates. After just one corporate wellness session with us, here is what they said –

Slide “Health n Vibe’s approach to our workplace yoga was just what we needed, encouraging and inviting for all levels. Disha transformed our conference room into a calming and serene environment. My team started looking forward to the sessions post a stressed day at work.” Sachin_Sachdeva -Sachin Sachdeva, Ex Vice-President, HDFC Bank

We are surrounded by distractions that lure us away from work, and so lack of time-management is a skill we all need to hone. The employees at Simi’s Bakery were unable to work efficiently in peak season and meet the demand of their consumers. Here is a review of the transformation they perceived after a session with us-

Slide “The Health n Vibe Team was very mindful of time and space. The session was done at a pace and structure where you needed no special clothes or footwear. We were taught easy poses to stretch, energized and reduce our stress. I recommend this to any workplace!" Simi_Saksena -Simi Saksena, Director, Simi’s Bakery

Ishita’s career was a fast paced one in the stock broking industry. She had to manage big teams, and was always under a time-crunch and stress. And so decided to hire Health n Vibe to help herself and her team. Our aim was to help them relax, rejuvenate and refresh so that they didn’t burn out early on in their career. Here is what Ishita had to say –

Slide “My team attended health n Vibe’s Yoga Therapy. It was our first time and didn't know what to expect. But an hour later, we felt relaxed, uplifted, stretched out and energized and Disha Gulati was able to transport my team to a land of relaxation. Ending the practice with Yog Nidra left us completely in a state of calm; so much so that we all fell asleep and woke up rejuvenated 20 minutes after the class had ended. Subliminal! Highly recommend The Health n Vibe to one and to all. Your job is only to arrive on the mat and dial in.. leave the rest to the team!” Ishita_Kothari -Ishita Kothari Jain, Head, IE Sales, Ashika Stock Broking