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Even though I’ve only attended two yoga sessions under Disha ma’am, her sessions are the perfect balance between exhaustion and relaxation, because after the sessions I still had energy for the entire day and muscle soreness had significantly decreased. She is really good at what she does and as a added bonus she has a very calming voice so that helps.

Saheb Bansal, Student

I started doing yoga with Disha 3 months back just to add some physical activity to my routine but it has become much more. It has given me mental and physical strength, energy and flexibility, as well as helped me become more balanced and achieve more fitness goals which I didn’t think were possible. Disha’s careful guidance, day by day workout planning , meditation and pranayam is great in helping build a solid foundation for wholesome health and fitness. I recommend Disha’s yoga sessions to anyone at any stage of their health and fitness journey – she can give you the best disha!

Aneesh Jain, Insights Advisor at Xynteo

I had recently attended a yoga session led by Disha.
Her choice of asanas were apt for beginners, and her instructions on performing the asanas were very clear. What I particularly liked was that she stressed on when to inhale and exhale while doing an asana and that she continuously apprised us of the effects that each asanas have one’s mind and body.
Additionally, she was mindful of the asanas that should not be recommended to persons with underlying medical conditions, and she puts efforts in customizing / adjusting the asana for such persons.
To add to the above, she’s also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance Org – it adds to the credibility no?
If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re interested in practicing yoga – I believe you’ve come to the right place for guidance.

Parivesh Agrawall, Corporate Lawyer

One of my friend introduced me to Disha almost 6-7 months back. I was 4 years into my sedentary lifestyle, no motivation but after only few Yoga sessions with Disha, I felt the difference in my body and mind and now after 7 months I can confidently say that my life has changed. I feel less anxious, more energetic, calm and at ease.
When I joined my motivation was to loose weight, which I did (18lbs in 4 months) but now Yoga is like a fuel for me. Before Yoga I used to drag myself around the whole day, I was lethargic and this pandemic made things even more difficult but Yoga not only helped me in my physical aches and discomforts but also helped me with my stress & sleep disorders. It bought back the routine which I was missing in my life. I love meditation sessions and Pranayams, they keep me calm and relaxed throughout the day.
I was hesitant initially about taking classes on Zoom, and was worried about doing asanas wrong and hurting my body instead, but few sessions in I was relieved. Disha keeps an eye of everything we do, she makes sure that our form is correct, & motivates us to give our best. She’s smart, well spoken and knowledgeable, she has a calming aura, her sessions are perfectly balanced, definitely worth a try.
She is a subject matter expert of Yoga and I would highly recommend her.

Ankita Khanduri, Full-time Mom & Student

Yoga with Disha has given me considerable relief from my PCOS symptoms. Its become effortless to maintain my weight.
Disha recommends exercises that suit your requirements and ensures that she eases you into them.
The flow and intensity of every session is a mix of easy and intermediate which also includes asanas that are challenging so it strengthens you.
The setup is soothing. You feel energized and ready to take on any task thrown your way after the class.
I would recommend Health ‘N Vibe by Disha to everyone!

Sakshi Jain, Key Account Manager, Luxury at

I attended Disha’s Yoga Therapy. It was my first time and didn’t know what to expect. But an hour later, I felt relaxed, uplifted, stretched out and energised. Disha was able to transport me to a land of relaxation. Ending the practice with Yog Nidra left me completely in a state of calm; so much so that I fell asleep and woke up 20 minutes after the class had ended. Subliminal!
The practice also included deep stretches that we held in position for 5 or so breaths – so it felt like I moved on the mat. Great for a rest day.
Highly recommend Disha’s yoga class to one and to all. Your job is only to arrive on the mat and dial in.. leave the rest to her!

Ishita Kothari, Head IE Sales, Ashika Stock Broking

Really enjoying doing yoga with you…it refreshes our body…feels totally relaxed…thank you so much Disha…Really a nice trainer…And your kids mom class was superb…really Awesome..good job.

Ayushi Gulati, Homemaker

Health ‘N Vibe By Disha
Your online sessions were must needed, especially during the lock-down. I wait for my clock to strike 5 to attend your session. Over the last 2 months, I have become less anxious and more mindful of my thoughts & actions. Thank you for helping me connect with body and breath.Keep infecting people with your amazing teaching skills.

Pooja Gulati, Fitness Freak

Iv’e been attending her online yoga classes since past two weeks, its amazing how she conducts the class and have attention on every one of her students.
Keeping her guidlines in mind, Day by day i feel more flexible and energetic.
Disha’s yoga session includes breathing excercises which helps to calm our mind. And what else do we need in such pandemic if its not about taking off all our negative energy.
Highly recommended for everyone

Devanshi Thakkar, Student

I was always aware that doing Yoga has its multiple benefits but truly felt the impact of its goodness when I joined Disha’s classes. Her classes leave not just the body but even the mind calm yet energized. It infacts helps me deal with tense situations better with the practice of deep breathing and I even sleep better. Disha, being a wonderful instructor, guides me through the poses with clarity in her soothing voice helping me attain maximum benefits in every asana. Her program is fantastic for all age groups!
Thank you Disha..!!

Vrashali Goel, Owner, Various Dimensions

Disha being a certified yoga trainer provides a holistic experience to her students by tuning into their mind body and soul through various asanas and stretching exercises. Her energy is refreshing and she meticulously watches all her students while performing the asanas to avoid injuries. Her personal touch motivates students to perform better , all in all, the classes are very rejuvenating.
I would highly recommend Health ‘N Vibe by Disha.

Vedika Shroff, Co-Founder at Nouveau Infotech Private Limited

I recently attended a session with Health n Vibe. It was intense, it was recharging and super motivating! Disha is one of those who would push you that little extra mile with every exercise, so that you achieve the best! Thanks!!!
Totally recommended!

Sheetal Khandelwal, Dentist

In our lives we all faces up and downs or tackle with some issue relating to mentally or physically.And most of us know the tremendous benefits of yoga for our these problems I need not say much about it .But still knowing about end number of rewards yoga can give us just like eating healthy most of the times we don’t do it or have some excuse of not following it or sometimes can’t break the ice of starting it .The same was my case . Inspite of being a fitness freak I still had issues to consistency and discipline and had faced consequences for that lately .I was having issues related to anxiety , insomnia, weight issues ,energy levels , lower self confidence and what not .But they are all gone things now . Trust me by my personal experience that I realized after so many years now that all you need is a good guide / mentor /teacher to take best out of you and motivate you consistently.This is where yoga by Disha comes in and scores .
I have attended quite a bit yoga classes before and can say what it takes to be a perfect yoga trainer .
1) in depth knowledge about yoga its proper technique and that small minute tricks that do miracles and make difference.
2) make you comfortable and be able to break the ice or any uncomfortableness you feel as a beginner.
3) to be able to convey your knowledge to a beginner or advance level person and advice accordingly.
4) and finally to have that calmness , aura , radiance in personality , ever smiling face and a good voice that soothes your mind and soul .
Yoga by Disha is a blend of all the above in just right proportion.I would just say one thing in the end try her session once and I am sure u will realize what are you missing in life till date .

Raaghav Mahndru, Director, ASOP Pvt Ltd

Disha is a very professional and proficient trainer. I have been taking her Yoga sessions for more than a year now! I have had a wonderful wholesome experience. She pays close attention to each participant in her classes. She is there to guide you every step of the way! Her classes offer a complete package, including Yoga asanas, nutrition counselling, HIIT, weights, etc. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in getting a hold on their health!!

Anubha Doshi, Proud Mom & Homemaker

I followed the diet given by Health n Vibe for 3 months and lost almost 10kgs. They are very professional and always available for all your doubts and concern. The diet as they say is more about a lifestyle change which changed my thinking process also. Its a new way to look at a healthy living. Thank you Health n Vibe!

Aishwarya Benbi, Tax Consultant at Deloitte